All smallstream trout anglers dream of holding a true featherlight rod in their hand with a feisty trout connected to the tippet. Its one of those fantasies we all have, but now it can truly be a reality!

Many years ago Orvis brought out the first real smallstream 1 ounce rod, it was 6'6" for a 2 wt line. Anglers on ultralight flyfishing forums who own these still give great reviews on this rod even though the original is not made anymore. It was fitted with the bare minimum of components and a small cork grip and a reelseat with very slender rings. There is a good reason that they fitted a short superfine type grip to the diminutive blank. Putting a standard size grip and reelseat on a short ultralight blank would change the action and feel of the blank while casting. It would be similar in ratio to fitting a 9wt spey rod grip to an 8 foot 4wt blank, it would deaden the rod in hand and the angler would lose contact with blank during casting. The small grip heightens the sensitivity of the overall rod and Orvis still uses this concept on their modern short ultralight rods. The benefits of shortrods for smallstream fishing are clear and further reading oin the topic can be veiwed in an atricle by my friend Ed Herbst on Tom Sutcliffe's website, The Spirit Of Flyfishing .

My Sub1ounce Smallstream Special is built on a MHX blank which weighs 0.6 of an ounce. I have kept to the bare minimum and lightness with components for the rod, utilising single foot lite wire snake guides. My grips are in keeping with ultralight rod design and I hand select cork at a local cellar supply company who import the finest Portugese cork for winemakers in the valley.

I have two grips to choose from, one being the palm grip which weighs about 1.6 grams and the double o-ring grip which weighs about half of that at 0.8 gram. Both are designed to allow the angler a comfortable grip further down with the back of the palm positioned above the reel. This improves accuracy and control for pinpoint casting. The double o-ring grip is similar to the original orvis grip except it does not drop down to the reelseat and utilises two heat resistant o-rings that are set in two grooves in the level tapered grip.

The Sub1oz Smallstream Special is truly a great little rod, despite its light weight at 0.9 oz and delicate looks, it packs a deceptive punch while casting and is a beautiful roll casting tool for tight quarters. As a bonus it naturally turns any trout in a smallstream into a 20 incher! Check out a video of the sub1ounce in action on my Youtube channel, Driftflyfisher .

A custom rod package consists of the following:

* 2wt 6'6" rod, matte finish with either one of the cork handles

* Rod bag

* A pvc type rod tube or a custom tube which has been covered and handstitched with buckskin.( The leather covered tube is an optional extra and is charged for on top of the standard package.)

* Custom pyrography on the grips or the leather tube is also at an additional charge.

MHX blanks carry a limited lifetime warranty. A complete build will come in at about half the price of top brand factory built rods. Email me for enquiries and a quote: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check into the site regularly, I will be getting a range of blanks in soon for the ultralight fanatics and also have something in store for the yellowfish river anglers.