The Stinger Leech is also a big trout fly. Tied on two #4 stingers with rabbit strip, rubber legs, cactus brush and big eyes. Fantastic action from this fly induces smashing takes from big trout.

Price: R45-00 per fly

Another awesome pattern developed for big trout in South Americas great rivers, the Deerhead Sculpin is a articulated fly tied on two #6 superstrong heavy gauge stingers connected with a continuous double strand of 80lb. abrasion resistant braid. Tungsten eye for weight, synthetic brush, rabbit fur and rubber legs for movement.

Price: R 60-00 per fly


The Zonkybug is the ideal fly to swing across deep and heavy currents on Chilean and Argentine rivers for big trout. Tied on a weighted #4 heavy gauge streamer hook with the perfect blend of materials and tungsten eyes. This flies unbelievable movement makes any big brown or bow go mad!

R60-00 per fly

I developed this bugger style fly for Lago Strobel and its huge rainbows. Tied on a heavy gauge streamer hook with tungsten bead. The material I use is synthetic brush ,a hot orange cactus chenille spot at the rear and 2 sets of rubber legs along the body. The marabou tail gives that extra enticing movement to the bug. Durability was my key factor with designing this fly , a standard bugger wont stand up to the constant onslaught of 20 pound fish. It is available in whichever colour you like though at Strobel, black and olive seem to be preferred.

Price: R35-00 per fly


The Hiroshima Hasie was developed for Salmon fishing in Chile. It is tied on a superstrong weighted Gamakatsu hook #2/0, with hand selected rabbit strips and glow in the dark synthetics for those evening sessions. Rabbit strip guaranteed not to wrap the hook bend.

Price: R 85-00 per fly