Predator Bugs

I have a number of sculpted bucktail/deerhair bugs still in stock. Most bass bugs available commercially are crafted with deer belly hair but I prefer making mine with top quality bucktail from the states as well as locally sourced Fallow deer. These hairs are much more robust and bugs made with them will withstand more of a beating from predators than a bug crafted from deer belly hair.

My range includes frogs, mice, birds, dahlberg type divers, andino deceivers, large pike bugs and poppers . Tied on Gamakatsu B10 with or without weedgaurds. These bugs have been travelling to fabled waters abroad from the Amazon through to the Thames, lashing large predators like pike , golden dorado and peacock bass. Check out whats available below or contact me for any special bug you like. I will tie to your requirements or for whichever destination you are planning to visit. Contact me at :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.